PGI Badoere Asparagus

The White and Green Asparagus of Badoere PGI, a vegetable of great historic value renowned in the whole world, is a plant that fits any kind of terrain.

Each area presents its own typical taste. The area around Badoere produces an asparagus of the highest quality, with an intense non-bitter taste and splendid organoleptic properties, as well as characteristics important to the diuresis.

The white asparagus and the green one are produced from the same variety of plant, with the difference that the white one springs up from an anaerobic cultivation, as it grows under a leap of earth covered with a black nylon cloth that prevents the passage of oxygen and sunlight. The green asparagus is instead cultivated at sunlight, where the photosynthesis is allowed to happen, and the green pigment is produced.

In the Venetian tradition, the white asparagus is consumed boiled with hard-boiled eggs or in a Risotto. The green asparagus is a more fibrous product but sweeter, perfect cooked on the grill or steamed and served a side dish. It can also be valorized as an ingredient of soups or lasagna.